Praise for Double Teenage
Published by BookThug

"Brilliant and necessary."
—Jade Colbert, Globe and Mail 100 Best Books of 2016

“A beautiful, acid-tripping lovechild of My Brilliant Friend and and 2666.”
Lauren Hook, Feminist Press

“Written with a cool but empathic distance, Double Teenage could be the definitive book of the “Young-Girl” as theorized by Tiqqun.”
Chris Kraus, Book Forum

Double Teenage is a stunning debut, one of the finest novels I have read this year.”
David Gutowski, Largehearted Boy

"Murphy commits to telling the story in plain terms and then scrambles the narrative to ask larger questions. She earns our trust before opening the novel up to its glorious and challenging irresolution, inviting readers to investigate their own relationships to the representation and processing of oppression through art."
Adèle Barclay, The Rusty Toque

“There’s intensity, there’s playfulness, and there’s insightfulness everywhere in Murphy’s Double Teenage.”
Lesley LeRoux, Vagabond City

“…this is a novel gesturing outwards, pointing to the world, using the world and its threads to build something new, offering structure, frameworks, where we hadn’t seen such a thing before. Daring to state that girlhood is significant, even if it’s a stage, and even if it’s a stage.”
Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This

“The best last line of any book I’ve read this year.”
Martha Sharpe, All Lit Up